Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

matching earrings, Complete set Vintage Victorian Design Necklace and Earrings MTO



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DESCRIPTION\rA vintage jewelrycomplete vintage jewelrymatching vintage jewelryset vintage jewelrywith vintage jewelrya vintage jewelrybeautiful vintage jewelrynecklace vintage jewelryand vintage jewelrya vintage jewelrypair vintage jewelryof vintage jewelryearrings. vintage jewelryIt vintage jewelryis vintage jewelrycompleted vintage jewelrywith vintage jewelrya vintage jewelryvintage vintage jewelrydesign. vintage jewelryReminds vintage jewelryme vintage jewelryof vintage jewelrythe vintage jewelryVictorian vintage jewelryperiod vintage jewelrywhen vintage jewelryjewelry vintage jewelrywas vintage jewelryso vintage jewelryintricate vintage jewelryand vintage jewelrycompleted vintage jewelrywith vintage jewelrycare. vintage jewelryThe vintage jewelryworkmanship vintage jewelryon vintage jewelrythese vintage jewelrypieces vintage jewelryare vintage jewelryclear.\r\rMETAL\r18 vintage jewelrykarat vintage jewelrytwo vintage jewelrytone vintage jewelrygold\r24.89 vintage jewelrygrams vintage jewelrytotal\rLength vintage jewelryof vintage jewelryNecklace vintage jewelryis vintage jewelry16 vintage jewelryinches\rClasp vintage jewelryis vintage jewelryLobster vintage jewelryClaw\r\rACCENT vintage jewelrySTONES\rCut vintage jewelryVariety: vintage jewelry159 vintage jewelryRound vintage jewelryBrilliant vintage jewelryCut vintage jewelry\rWeight: vintage jewelry2.17 vintage jewelryCarats vintage jewelryTotal vintage jewelryWeight\r(Diamonds vintage jewelryin vintage jewelryNecklace vintage jewelry1.18 vintage jewelrycarats, vintage jewelrydiamonds vintage jewelryin vintage jewelryearrings vintage jewelry0.99 vintage jewelrycarats)\rQuality: vintage jewelryF/VS2\r\rThis vintage jewelryitem vintage jewelryis vintage jewelrymade vintage jewelryto vintage jewelryorder. vintage jewelryPlease vintage jewelryallow vintage jewelrysix vintage jewelryto vintage jewelryeight vintage jewelryweeks vintage jewelryto vintage jewelryhave vintage jewelryit vintage jewelrymade vintage jewelrybefore vintage jewelryit vintage jewelrycan vintage jewelrybe vintage jewelryshipped vintage jewelryout.

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