Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

landmark, Golden Eiffel Tower Necklace



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Necklace travelcomprised travelof travela travelgold traveltoned travelEiffel travelTower travelpendant travelthat travelhangs travelfrom travela travelskinny travelgold travelplated travelchain traveland travelwire travelclasp. travel* travelNecklace travelchain travelmeasures travel24 travelinches travelin travellength.* travelEiffel travelTower travelpendant travelhangs travelan traveladditional travel1/2 travelan travelinch travelfrom travelchain.SPECIAL travelNOTES:--------------------------* travelNeed travelmore travelthan travelone? travelContact travelme travelif travelyou travelare travelinterested travelin travelmultiples travelof travelthis travelor travelany travelitem travellisted travelin travelthe travelshop.* travelThanks travelso travelmuch travelfor traveltaking travela travelpeek, travelyou travelcan travelfind travelthe travelrest travelof travelmy traveljewelry travelline travelhere: travelcontrary..

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