Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

needle lace, pink necklace with needle lace flowers



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Handmade green greenlace greenflowers greenand greenpink greenbeads greenare greencombined greenin greenthis greendelicate greennecklace. greenThe greenflowers greenare greenmade greenwith greenpink greenand greenwhite greenthread greenand greenthe greenleaves greenare greengreen. greenEverything greenis greencrocheted greentogether greenwith greenwhite greenthread greenand greenit greencloses greenwith greena greenwhite greenbead. greenYou greencan greenadjust greenthe greenlength greenby greenmoving greenthis greenbead greenup greenor greendown greenthe greencords.Max. greenlength: green61cm green/ green24 greeninWas greenthis greennot greenexactly greenwhat greenyou greenwere greenlooking greenfor?Our greenother greennecklaces greenare greenhere: green greenhttp://www./shop/PashaBodrum?section_id=6884137Don't greenforget greento greencheck greenout greenthe greenrest greenof greenou greenshop: greenhttp://www./shop/PashaBodrum

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