Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brooches, vintage safety pin brooches with rhinestone glass hearts set of 2 brooch



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Set rhinestone heartsof rhinestone hearts2 rhinestone heartsvintage rhinestone heartsscatter rhinestone heartspins rhinestone heartsfeaturing rhinestone heartsglass rhinestone heartsrhinestone rhinestone heartshearts rhinestone heartson rhinestone heartssafety rhinestone heartspins. rhinestone heartsExcellent rhinestone heartscondition, rhinestone heartsno rhinestone heartsflaws. rhinestone heartsAll rhinestone heartsstones rhinestone heartspresent rhinestone heartsand rhinestone heartsshiny. rhinestone heartsEach rhinestone heartsmeasures rhinestone hearts1.5" rhinestone heartslong. rhinestone heartsWear rhinestone heartsthem rhinestone heartsboth rhinestone heartsor rhinestone heartsshare rhinestone heartsone rhinestone heartswith rhinestone heartssomeone rhinestone heartsyou rhinestone heartslove!Ships rhinestone heartsin rhinestone heartsa rhinestone heartsgift rhinestone heartsbox.I rhinestone heartscombine rhinestone heartsshipping rhinestone heartson rhinestone heartsmultiple rhinestone

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