Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earrings, Pale Pink Stripe and Dot Handmade Glass Bead Earrings with Crystal Dangle and Sterling



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Pale stripepink stripestripe stripeand stripedot stripe(one stripeof stripeeach!) stripelampwork stripeglass stripeearrings. stripeLampwork stripemade stripein stripemy stripestudio stripeby stripehand. stripePink stripecrystal stripedrop. stripeYou stripewill stripeget stripecompliments stripeon stripethis stripeunique stripedesign.Sterling stripesilver stripeand stripeglass stripebead stripefindings. stripeSterling stripesilver stripeear stripewires. stripeDrop stripeis stripeapproximately stripe1 stripe5/8 stripeinches. stripeBeads stripemeasure stripeapproximately stripe1/2 stripeinches stripewide.

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