Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver vintage multi strand necklace with bow ribbon clasp4 chain, 4 chain swag



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Vintage vintage necklaces4 vintage necklacesstrand vintage necklacesnecklace vintage necklaceswith vintage necklacesa vintage necklacesribbon/bow vintage necklacesclasp. vintage necklacesExcellent vintage necklacescondition, vintage necklacesno vintage necklacesflaws. vintage necklacesThe vintage necklacesdecorative vintage necklacesclasp vintage necklacescan vintage necklacesbe vintage necklacesworn vintage necklacesin vintage necklacesfront, vintage necklacesback, vintage necklacesoff vintage necklacesto vintage necklacesone vintage necklacesside- vintage necklacesyou vintage necklacesname vintage necklacesit. vintage necklacesMeasures vintage necklaces22.5" vintage necklaceslong. vintage necklacesHas vintage necklacesa vintage necklaceslittle vintage necklacesweight vintage necklacesto vintage necklacesit, vintage necklaceswell vintage necklacesmade.Ships vintage necklacesin vintage necklacesa vintage necklacesgift vintage

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