Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage scouts, 1971 Scoutorama Arrow Head White River Council Neckerchief Slide



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This red arrowheadis red arrowheada red arrowheadVintage red arrowhead1970's red arrowheadEra red arrowheadHoosier red arrowheadTrails red arrowheadCouncil red arrowheadBSA red arrowheadNeckerchief red arrowheadSlide. red arrowheadIt red arrowheadhas red arrowheadthe red arrowheadRed, red arrowheadBlack, red arrowheadBlue red arrowheadetc red arrowheadenamel red arrowheadand red arrowheadGold red arrowheadtone red arrowheadlettering red arrowheadand red arrowheademblems. red arrowheadGood red arrowheadCondition red arrowheadwith red arrowheadnormal red arrowheadage red arrowheadwar. red arrowheadIt red arrowheadmeasures red arrowheadapprox. red arrowhead1 red arrowhead1/8 red arrowheadinches red arrowheadtall. red arrowheadAny red arrowheadquestions red arrowheadplease red arrowheadask red arrowheadbefore red arrowheadyou red arrowheadpurchase. red arrowheadI red arrowheadship red arrowheadto red arrowheadthe red arrowheadUSA. red arrowheadNo red arrowheadInternational red arrowheadshipping. red arrowheadI red arrowheadalso red arrowheadinsure red arrowheadmy red arrowheadpackages red arrowheadto red arrowheadmake red arrowheadsure red arrowheadthat red arrowheadthey red arrowheadarrive red arrowheadto red arrowheadyou red arrowheadsafely. red arrowheadThanks red arrowheadfor red arrowheadlooking.

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