Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s vintage green 3 strand lucite necklacegreen lucite, juicy glowy collar choker



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1960s green lucitevintage green lucite3 green lucitestrand green lucitelucite green lucitenecklace. green luciteThe green lucitegreen green luciteis green luciteso green lucitemuch green lucitebetter green lucitein green luciteperson. green luciteIt green lucitehas green lucitea green luciteglowy, green lucitejuicy green lucitehue green luciteI green lucitecouldn't green lucitecapture. green luciteSubtly green lucitewhite green lucite"marbling" green lucitein green lucitethe green lucitebeads green luciteadds green lucitedepth. green luciteNote green lucitethe green lucitebeads green lucitedo green lucitenot green luciteactually green luciteglow, green lucitebut green lucitethey green lucitesure green lucitelook green lucitelike green lucitethey green luciteshould. green luciteExcellent green lucitecondition, green luciteno green luciteflaws. green luciteMeasures green lucite16.5".Ships green lucitein green lucitea green lucitegift green lucitebox.I green lucitecombine green luciteshipping green luciteon green lucitemultiple green

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