Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Coro collar necklacehook clasp, gold open work triangleshook clasp, linked panels with adjustable chain clasp



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Vintage adjustable claspCoro adjustable claspnecklace adjustable claspsigned adjustable claspon adjustable claspthe adjustable claspclasp. adjustable claspFeatures adjustable claspopen adjustable claspwork adjustable clasptriangles adjustable clasppanels adjustable claspwith adjustable claspan adjustable claspadjustable adjustable clasphook adjustable claspclasp. adjustable claspLight adjustable claspwear adjustable claspto adjustable claspthe adjustable claspyellow-gold adjustable clasptone adjustable claspmetal, adjustable claspnot adjustable clasptoo adjustable claspnoticeable adjustable claspto adjustable claspthe adjustable claspnaked adjustable claspeye. adjustable claspMeasures adjustable clasp3/4" adjustable claspwide adjustable claspand adjustable claspcan adjustable claspbe adjustable claspworn adjustable claspat adjustable claspabout adjustable clasp13.5" adjustable claspto adjustable clasp16.5".Ships adjustable claspin adjustable claspa adjustable claspgift adjustable

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