Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pale blue and silver flower bouquet brooch pinlight blue glass, vintage mid century costume jewelry



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Vintage rhinestone flower40s/50s rhinestone flowerflower rhinestone flowerbouquet rhinestone flowerbrooch rhinestone flowercomprised rhinestone flowerof rhinestone flowerpale, rhinestone flowerice rhinestone flowerblue rhinestone flowerglass rhinestone flowerstones rhinestone floweragainst rhinestone flowersilver rhinestone flowertone rhinestone flowermetal. rhinestone flowerThe rhinestone flowerstones rhinestone flowerare rhinestone flowerprong rhinestone flowerset. rhinestone flowerThe rhinestone flowerpinback rhinestone flowermechanism rhinestone flowerhas rhinestone flowera rhinestone flowerlight rhinestone flowerbend rhinestone flowerbut rhinestone flowerworks rhinestone flowerfine. rhinestone flowerExcellent rhinestone flowercondition. rhinestone flowerMeasures rhinestone flower2" rhinestone flowertall. rhinestone flowerShips rhinestone flowerin rhinestone flowera rhinestone flowergift rhinestone flowerbox.I rhinestone flowercombine rhinestone flowershipping rhinestone floweron rhinestone flowermultiple rhinestone

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