Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

heraldic shield, red and gold vintage Liz Claiborne necklace



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Vintage graduated beadsLiz graduated beadsClaiborne graduated beadsnecklace graduated beadswith graduated beadschunky graduated beadsred graduated beadsbeads graduated beadsand graduated beadsgold graduated beadsaccents. graduated beadsExcellent graduated beadscondition graduated beadsbut graduated beadsone graduated beadsbead graduated beadshas graduated beadsa graduated beadsfaint graduated beadslight graduated beadsmark graduated beadson graduated beadsit, graduated beadsas graduated beadsshown graduated beadsin graduated beadsmy graduated beadslast graduated beadsphoto. graduated beadsFits graduated beadsup graduated beadsto graduated beads26" graduated beadsvia graduated beadsextender graduated beadschain. graduated beadsThe graduated beadslargest graduated beadsbeads graduated beadsare graduated beadsabout graduated beads3/4" graduated beadswide.Ships graduated beadsin graduated beadsa graduated beadsgift graduated beadsbox.I graduated beadscombine graduated beadsshipping graduated beadson graduated beadsmultiple graduated

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