Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cat, Cat Glass Necklace



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This yellownecklace yellowfeatures yellowa yellow22k yellowcarat yellowgold yellowcat yellowon yellowa yellowkiln yellowformed yellowpendant yellowmade yellowof yellowtransparent yellowyellow yellowand yellowopaque yellowwhite yellowglass yellowpieces. yellow\r\rThis yellowpendant yellowmeasures yellowapproximately yellow1 yellow1/8 yellowinches yellowwide yellowby yellow1 yellow3/8 yellowinches yellowhigh, yellowwhich yellowdoes yellownot yellowinclude yellowthe yellowbail. yellow yellowThe yellowsterling yellowsilver yellowplated yellowbail yellowadds yellowan yellowadditional yellow3/8 yellowto yellowthe yellowtotal yellowlength. yellowIt yellowhangs yellowfrom yellowan yellow18 yellowinch yellownecklace.\r\rIncluded yellowis yellowa yellow2mm yellowblack yellowlatex yellowfree yellowsilicone yellow18 yellowinch yellowcord yellownecklace. yellow yellow\r\rI yellowwant yelloweveryone yellowto yellowbe yellowhappy yellowwith yellowmy yellowhandcrafted yellowitems. yellowYou yelloware yellowwelcome yellowto yellowreturn yellowthem yellowand yellowI yellowwill yellowrefund yellowyour yellowmoney, yellowEXCLUDING yellow$3.00 yellowto yellowcover yellowfees yellowand yellowshipping.

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