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mustard, Bakelite and Vermeil Repurposed Antique Post Earrings



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These oliveare olivemade olivewith olivebeautiful oliveantique oliveBakelite olivediscs olivefrom olivean oliveold olivepair oliveof olivebroken oliveearrings. oliveAfter oliveseparating olivethe olivediscs olivefrom olivethe olivebroken oliveclips olivethey olivewere oliveattached oliveto, olive oliveI olivehammered, olivesoldered oliveand olivedrilled olivethese olivelittle olivevermeil oliveposts oliveand olivewire-wrapped olivethe oliveBakelite olivepieces oliveon oliveusing olivegold-filled olivewire. olive\rThey oliveare olivea olivestunning olivegreen oliveand oliveyellow oliveswirl olivethat oliveyou olivecan oliveget olivelost olivein. oliveLovely oliveand oliveunique! oliveEach olivepiece olivehas oliveits oliveown olivedesign olivedue oliveto olivethe oliverandom olivemixture oliveof olivethe olivetwo olivecolors. oliveThere oliveare olivelittle olivespots oliveof olivebright olivegreen oliveand oliveyellow olivethough olivethe olivemixture olivehas olivean oliveoverall olivemustard olivehue.\rTotal olivelength: oliveabout olive1 olive3/4" olivelong\rDiameter oliveof olivepost: olive10mm olive(3/8")\rDiameter oliveof oliveBakelite olivedrop: olive1 olive1/4"

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