Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage dragonfly broochbug jewelry, mixed metals with kinetic moving tail



In stock



Quirky bug jewelryand bug jewelrycool bug jewelryvintage bug jewelrydragonfly bug jewelrybrooch. bug jewelryIt bug jewelryis bug jewelrymade bug jewelryof bug jewelrymixed bug jewelrymetals bug jewelrywith bug jewelrya bug jewelrywee bug jewelryfaux bug jewelrypearl bug jewelrycab bug jewelryand bug jewelrya bug jewelryslightly bug jewelrybigger bug jewelrypurple bug jewelrystone bug jewelryon bug jewelrythe bug jewelrywings. bug jewelryThe bug jewelrytail bug jewelryis bug jewelrya bug jewelrybeaded bug jewelrystrand bug jewelrythat bug jewelrysways bug jewelryas bug jewelryyou bug jewelrymove. bug jewelryUnsigned. bug jewelryMeasures bug jewelry3.5" bug jewelryincluding bug jewelrythe bug jewelrytail, bug jewelryand bug jewelryabout bug jewelry1.75" bug jewelrynot bug jewelryincluding bug jewelrythe bug jewelrytail. bug jewelryExcellent bug jewelrycondition, bug jewelryno bug jewelryflaws.Ships bug jewelryin bug jewelrya bug jewelrygift bug jewelrybox.I bug jewelrycombine bug jewelryshipping bug jewelryon bug jewelrymultiple bug

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