Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage black and white striped bead strand necklacetribal style, tribal heishi style long strand



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Vintage vintage necklacesbead vintage necklacesstrand vintage necklacesheishi vintage necklacesstyle vintage necklacesnecklace, vintage necklacesfeels vintage necklaceslike vintage necklacesplastic vintage necklacesbut vintage necklaceshas vintage necklacesa vintage necklaceslittle vintage necklacesweight vintage necklacesto vintage necklacesit vintage necklacesand vintage necklacesalmost vintage necklacesa vintage necklacesglass vintage necklaceslook. vintage necklacesExcellent vintage necklacescondition, vintage necklacesno vintage necklacesflaws. vintage necklacesQuite vintage necklaceslovely vintage necklacesand vintage necklaceswell vintage necklacesmade. vintage necklacesMeasures vintage necklaces29.5" vintage necklaceslong.Ships vintage necklacesin vintage necklacesa vintage necklacesgift vintage necklacesbox.I vintage necklacescombine vintage necklacesshipping vintage necklaceson vintage necklacesmultiple vintage

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