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fresh water pearl, White Baroque Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet



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White pearl braceletBaroque pearl braceletFresh pearl braceletWater pearl braceletPearl pearl braceletBracelet pearl braceletis pearl braceletaccented pearl braceletwith pearl braceletsilver pearl bracelettoned pearl braceletmetal. pearl bracelet pearl braceletEach pearl braceletbead pearl braceletis pearl braceletdelicately pearl braceletwoven pearl braceletinto pearl braceletthis pearl braceletadjustable pearl braceletbeauty. pearl bracelet pearl braceletMeasures pearl bracelet3"w pearl braceletx pearl bracelet2.25"d pearl braceletx pearl bracelet2.25"h. pearl bracelet*Note pearl braceletprice pearl braceletis pearl braceletfor pearl braceletdescribed pearl braceletitem pearl braceletonly pearl braceletprop pearl braceletnot pearl braceletincluded.

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