Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large 1930s vintage celluloid twist brooch1930s vintage, green and custard yellow extruded pretzel braid pin



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Cool 1930s vintage1930s 1930s vintagebrooch 1930s vintagemade 1930s vintageof 1930s vintagetwisted, 1930s vintageextruded 1930s vintagecelluloid 1930s vintagein 1930s vintage2 1930s vintagedifferent 1930s vintagecolors- 1930s vintagecustard 1930s vintageyellow 1930s vintageand 1930s vintagelight 1930s vintagegreen. 1930s vintageThe 1930s vintagepin 1930s vintageis 1930s vintagein 1930s vintageexcellent 1930s vintagecondition. 1930s vintageHas 1930s vintagea 1930s vintagebit 1930s vintageof 1930s vintagepatina 1930s vintageto 1930s vintagethe 1930s vintagehardware 1930s vintageon 1930s vintageback 1930s vintagebut 1930s vintagenothing 1930s vintagethat 1930s vintageeffects 1930s vintagefunctionality 1930s vintageand 1930s vintagenothing 1930s vintagethat 1930s vintagecan 1930s vintagebe 1930s vintageseen 1930s vintagewhen 1930s vintageworn. 1930s vintageMeasures 1930s vintage3" 1930s vintagex 1930s vintage1.75".Ships 1930s vintagein 1930s vintagea 1930s vintagegift 1930s vintagebox.I 1930s vintagecombine 1930s vintageshipping 1930s vintageon 1930s vintagemultiple 1930s

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