Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

collar pins, set of 2 vintage cameo brooch pins



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Set sweater pinof sweater pin2 sweater pinvintage sweater pincameo sweater pinbrooches. sweater pinBoth sweater pinare sweater pinexcellent sweater pincondition sweater pinwith sweater pinno sweater pinflaws sweater pinto sweater pinnote. sweater pinThe sweater pinsmaller sweater pinone sweater pinis sweater pin1" sweater pinx sweater pin1.25" sweater pinand sweater pinhas sweater pinan sweater pinunusual sweater pinface. sweater pinThe sweater pinlarger sweater pinone sweater pinis sweater pinjust sweater pinover sweater pin1" sweater pinwide sweater pinx sweater pin1.5" sweater pintall.Ships sweater pinin sweater pina sweater pingift sweater pinbox.I sweater pincombine sweater pinshipping sweater pinon sweater pinmultiple sweater

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