Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage gold collar necklace - chased gold & crystal beads1950s necklace, double strand - House of Schrager costume jewelry



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Gorgeous chased golddouble chased goldstrand chased goldcollar chased goldnecklace chased goldof chased goldchased chased goldgold chased goldballs chased goldand chased goldclear chased goldcrystal chased goldspacers. chased goldThe chased goldnecklace chased golddoes chased goldhave chased goldsome chased goldweight chased goldto chased goldit. chased goldThe chased goldj chased goldclasp chased goldis chased goldmarked chased goldon chased goldthe chased goldinside, chased gold'JONNE' chased goldfor chased goldHouse chased goldof chased goldSchrager. chased goldI chased goldhave chased goldnot chased goldcleaned chased goldthis chased goldpiece, chased goldso chased goldthe chased goldgold chased goldis chased golda chased goldbit chased golddark chased gold(barely) chased goldbut chased goldwill chased goldrestore chased goldto chased goldits chased goldoriginal chased goldbrilliance chased goldwith chased goldease. chased goldThis chased goldis chased goldtruly chased golda chased goldstunning chased goldvintage chased goldcostume chased goldjewelry chased goldpiece. chased goldThe chased goldonly chased goldflaw chased goldis chased goldthat chased goldthe chased goldend chased goldof chased goldthe chased goldextender chased goldchain chased goldis chased goldmissing. chased goldit chased goldoriginally chased goldhad chased goldabout chased gold7 chased goldbeads, chased goldbut chased goldnow chased goldhas chased gold3. chased goldit chased goldhas chased goldno chased goldother chased goldissues.Will chased goldbest chased goldfit chased gold14.25" chased goldto chased gold15".Ships chased goldin chased golda chased goldgift chased goldbox.I chased goldcombine chased goldshipping chased goldon chased goldmultiple chased golditems.

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