Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pink and red beaded necklacevalentines day, made in West Germanyvalentines day, 3 strand



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Vintage valentines day3 valentines daystrand valentines daynecklace valentines daymade valentines dayof valentines daypink valentines dayand valentines dayred valentines dayplastic valentines daybeads. valentines dayPale valentines daygold valentines daytone valentines dayspacers valentines dayand valentines dayclasp. valentines dayMarked valentines dayon valentines daythe valentines dayhook valentines dayclasp valentines daywith valentines day'made valentines dayin valentines dayWest valentines dayGermany." valentines dayExcellent valentines daycondition, valentines dayno valentines dayflaws. valentines dayChunky valentines daybut valentines daylightweight. valentines dayCan valentines daybe valentines dayworn valentines day16" valentines dayto valentines day18".Ships valentines dayin valentines daya valentines daygift valentines daybox.I valentines daycombine valentines dayshipping valentines dayon valentines daymultiple valentines

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