Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage elf and mushroom trinket boxelf trinket box, lidded dish with cute pixie or gnomeelf trinket box, Homco



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Vintage homco elveself, homco elvesgnome homco elvesor homco elvespixie homco elveson homco elvesa homco elvestuffet homco elveswith homco elvesa homco elvesmushroom. homco elvesMade homco elvesof homco elvesbisque homco elvesceramic. homco elvesThe homco elveslid homco elvesdoes homco elvesnot homco elvestighten, homco elvesit homco elvesjust homco elvessits homco elvesatop. homco elvesLike homco elvesthat homco elvescute homco elveslittle homco elveself! homco elvesExcellent homco elvescondition, homco elvesno homco elvesflaws. homco elvesHomco homco elveslabel homco elveshas homco elvesbeen homco elvescovered homco elvesby homco elvesgreen homco elvesfelt. homco elvesMeasures homco elvesabout homco elves3 homco elvesinches homco elvesin homco elvesdiameter homco elvesand homco elves4 homco elvesinches homco elvestall.I homco elveshave homco elves3 homco elvesavailable. homco elvesEach homco elveslisting homco elvesis homco elvesfor homco elvesthe homco elvesone homco elvesshown homco elvesin homco elvesthe homco elvesmain homco elvesphoto.

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