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art nouveau ring, Antique Spoon Ring | Sterling Silver | Art Nouveau | Sz 6.5



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This sterling spoonring sterling spoonis sterling spoonso sterling spoonunique! sterling spoonSuch sterling spoona sterling spoongreat sterling spoonexample sterling spoonof sterling spoonearly sterling spoonArt sterling spoonNouveau! sterling spoonFlowers sterling spoonand sterling spoonvines sterling spoonand sterling spoonsweetness!- sterling spoonPattern: sterling spoonEmbossed; sterling spoonmulti-motif- sterling spoonc. sterling spoon1890- sterling spoonMfg: sterling spoonR. sterling spoonWallace sterling spoon& sterling spoonSons sterling spoonMfg sterling spoonCo- sterling spoonInside sterling spoonhandle: sterling spoon"Florence sterling spoon1895"- sterling spoonSz sterling spoon6.5Thank sterling spoonyou!

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