Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

3 vintage wreath brooches - white holly leaves w/ faux pearlswhite leaves, gold tone with green & opal glasswhite leaves, eternity pins



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3 faux pearlsvintage faux pearlswreath faux pearlspins. faux pearlsOne faux pearlsis faux pearlssmall faux pearlsplain faux pearlsgold faux pearlstone, faux pearlsmeasuring faux pearls1", faux pearlsnext faux pearlsis faux pearlsa faux pearlsshiny faux pearlsgold faux pearlstone faux pearlswith faux pearlsopal faux pearlslook faux pearlscabs, faux pearlsgreen faux pearlscabs faux pearlsand faux pearlsclear faux pearlsrhinestones faux pearlsmeasuring faux pearls1.5", faux pearlslast faux pearlsbut faux pearlsnot faux pearlsleast faux pearlsa faux pearlswhite faux pearlsholly faux pearlswreath faux pearlswith faux pearlsgold faux pearlsundertones faux pearlsand faux pearlsfaux faux pearlspearls faux pearlsmeasuring faux pearls1.5". faux pearlsAll faux pearlsexcellent faux pearlscondition.Ships faux pearlsin faux pearlsa faux pearlsgift faux pearlsbox.I faux pearlscombine faux pearlsshipping faux pearlson faux pearlsmultiple faux

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