Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beads, vintage yellow bakelite pendant charm with fairies or angels



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Vintage yellow bakeliteyellow yellow bakeliteBakelite yellow bakelitedisc yellow bakelitewith yellow bakelitegold yellow bakelitetone yellow bakelitefairies yellow bakeliteor yellow bakeliteangels yellow bakeliteaffixed yellow bakeliteto yellow bakelitethe yellow bakelitetop. yellow bakeliteThey're yellow bakelitenot yellow bakeliteoriginal yellow bakeliteto yellow bakelitethe yellow bakelitepiece- yellow bakeliteunder yellow bakelitea yellow bakelitemicroscope yellow bakelitea yellow bakelitetiny yellow bakelitebit yellow bakeliteof yellow bakeliteglue yellow bakelitecan yellow bakelitebe yellow bakeliteseen yellow bakelitebehind yellow bakelitethem. yellow bakeliteThe yellow bakeliteBakelite yellow bakeliteis yellow bakelitereal- yellow bakeliteit yellow bakelitepasses yellow bakelitethe yellow bakeliterub/sniff yellow bakelitetest. yellow bakeliteMeasures yellow bakelite1.25" yellow bakelitewide.Ships yellow bakelitein yellow bakelitea yellow bakelitegift yellow bakelitebox.I yellow bakelitecombine yellow bakeliteshipping yellow bakeliteon yellow bakelitemultiple yellow

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