Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift for her, 1960s vintage signed Accessocraft NYC brooch and earrings set . blue czech glass flower and clip ons



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Signed nyc broochvintage nyc broochAccessocraft nyc broochNYC nyc broochflower nyc broochbrooch nyc broochmade nyc broochof nyc broochblue nyc broochglass nyc broochwith nyc broochspeckles nyc broochof nyc broochother nyc broochcolor nyc broochin nyc broochit. nyc broochThe nyc broochinside nyc broochof nyc broochthe nyc broochflower nyc broochis nyc broocha nyc broochgold nyc broochtone nyc broochcross, nyc broochcrown, nyc broochetc. nyc broochComes nyc broochwith nyc broochmatching nyc broochclip nyc broochon nyc broochearrings. nyc broochAll nyc broochpieces nyc broochare nyc broochin nyc broochexcellent nyc broochcondition, nyc broochno nyc broochflaws. nyc broochThe nyc broochbrooch nyc broochis nyc brooch2" nyc broochwide, nyc broochthe nyc broochearrings nyc broochare nyc brooch3/4" nyc broochtall.Ships nyc broochin nyc broocha nyc broochgift nyc broochbox.I nyc broochcombine nyc broochshipping nyc broochon nyc broochmultiple nyc

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