Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

aurora borealis, vintage confetti lucite panel bracelet with AB rhinestones



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1960s aurora borealisvintage aurora borealisconfetti aurora borealislucite aurora borealispanel aurora borealisbracelet. aurora borealisThe aurora borealisbracelet aurora borealisis aurora borealismade aurora borealisof aurora borealisgold aurora borealistone aurora borealismetal aurora borealiswith aurora borealislinks aurora borealisof aurora borealiswhite aurora borealisand aurora borealisgold aurora borealisflakes aurora borealisfloating aurora borealisin aurora borealisclear aurora borealislucite. aurora borealisEach aurora borealislucite aurora borealislink aurora borealishas aurora borealissix aurora borealisAB aurora borealisrhinestones aurora borealissurrounding aurora borealisit. aurora borealisCloses aurora borealiswith aurora borealisa aurora borealisfold aurora borealisover aurora borealisclap. aurora borealisThe aurora borealisbracelet aurora borealisis aurora borealisjust aurora borealisover aurora borealis1" aurora borealiswide aurora borealisand aurora borealisis aurora borealis7.5" aurora borealislong. aurora borealisNo aurora borealisflaws, aurora borealisexcellent aurora borealiscondition. aurora borealisUnsigned.Ships aurora borealisin aurora borealisa aurora borealisgift aurora

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