Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

peacock, High Quality Kundan Necklace Set/ Indian Jewelry/ Meenakari Choker/ Meenakari Peacock Design necklace



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High hasliQuality hasliKundan hasliNecklace hasliSet/ hasliIndian hasliJewelry/ hasliMeenakari hasliChoker/ hasliMeenakari hasliPeacock hasliDesign haslinecklace100% hasliHandmadePacked hasliin haslia haslinice haslibox hasliwith haslicotton haslilining, hasliBest haslifor hasligifting haslito hasliloved hasliones..A haslipersonal haslinote haslifor hasliyour hasliloved hasliones haslican haslibe hasliadded.*Since haslithis hasliis hasli100% hasliHandmade haslijewelry. hasliSo hasliColor, haslishades, haslitexture haslidisplayed haslimay haslislightly haslivary haslifrom haslithe hasliactual hasliproduct haslidue haslito haslidigital hasliimage haslilimitations. hasliWe haslirequest hasliyou haslito hasliconsider haslithese hasliminor haslivariations. hasliPlease hasliexpect haslithe haslipossibility hasliof haslisome haslislight hasliimperfections hasliwhen haslibuying haslihand haslimade haslijewelry. hasliIf hasliyou haslihave hasliany hasliquestions, hasliplease haslimessage haslior hasliemail haslius.

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