Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Vintage 70s Puka Shell & Turquoise Choker Necklace w/ Silver Star and Moon and Liquid Silver Beads / 14"



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70s native americanVintage native americannecklace native americanof native americanpuka native americanshells, native americansterling native americansilver native americanand native americanturquoise.Brass native americanhook native americanand native americaneye native americanclosure native americanin native americanthe native americanback.Length: native american14"\u2665\u2665 native americanI native americanadd native americandaily native americanto native americanmy native americanshop native american:)) native americanYou native americancan native americanclick native americanthe native americanlittle native americanblue native americanADD native americanSHOP native americanTO native americanFAVORITES native americanto native americanthe native americanright native americanof native americanthis native americanlisting, native americanto native americansee native americanwhat native americanI native americanlist native americaneach native americanday.\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 native americanFor native americanmore native americanvintage native americanShoes, native americanBags native americanand native americanAccessories native americanlike native americanthis, native americanplease native americancheck native americanmy native americanshop native americanhttp://www./shop/BetseyDo?section_id=7875632=================20% native americanoff native americanif native americanyou native americanpay native americanvia native americancheck native americanor native americanmoney native americanorder!!=================(Discount native americanapplies native americanto native americanentire native americanorder, native americannot native americanjust native americanon native americanone native americanitem. native american native americanI native americanwill native americanconvo native americanyou native americanwith native americandiscounted native americanpayment native americanto native americansend native americanif native americanyou native americanchoose native americancheck native americanor native americanmoney native americanorder native americanafter native americanyou native americancheckout)

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