Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dark chain, hand stamped brass camel necklace - oh sh*t



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A vintage camelvintage vintage camelbrass vintage camelcamel vintage camelhas vintage camelbeen vintage camelhand vintage camelstamped vintage camelwith vintage camelthe vintage camelwords vintage camel"oh vintage camelshit." vintage camelI vintage camelmust vintage camelhave vintage camelbeen vintage camellistening vintage camelto vintage camelthe vintage camelBuzzcocks vintage camelwhen vintage camelI vintage camelmade vintage camelit. vintage camelThe vintage camelcamel vintage camelis vintage camel1.5" vintage camelx vintage camel1.75". vintage camelAntiqued vintage camelbrass vintage camelcolor vintage camelchain vintage camelis vintage camel20". vintage camelShips vintage camelin vintage camela vintage camelgift vintage

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