Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage modernist mixed metal earringspost earrings, danglin' ballspost earrings, minimalist ice pick inspired look



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Vintage post earringsmodernist post earringsmixed post earringsmetal post earringsearrings post earringswith post earringsshiny post earringssilver post earringsballs post earringsaccented post earringsby post earringsa post earringsmore post earringsmatte post earringsgold. post earringsFor post earringspierced post earringsears. post earringsReminds post earringsme post earringsof post earringsthe post earringsolder post earringsice post earringspick post earringslook post earringsjewelry. post earringsExcellent post earringscondition, post earringsno post earringsflaws. post earrings1.75" post earringslongShips post earringsin post earringsa post earringsgift post

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