Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

payal, Kundan Anklet Set/ Wedding Jewelry / Kundan Payal Pair/ Wedding Jewelry/ Payal Pair/ Anklet Pair/ Openable Anklet



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Payal kundan jewelleryPair kundan jewelleryBeautiful kundan jewelleryKundan kundan jewelleryPayal100% kundan jewelleryHandmadePacked kundan jewelleryin kundan jewellerya kundan jewellerynice kundan jewellerybox kundan jewellerywith kundan jewellerycotton kundan jewellerylining, kundan jewelleryBest kundan jewelleryfor kundan jewellerygifting kundan jewelleryto kundan jewelleryloved kundan jewelleryones..A kundan jewellerypersonal kundan jewellerynote kundan jewelleryfor kundan jewelleryyour kundan jewelleryloved kundan jewelleryones kundan jewellerycan kundan jewellerybe kundan jewelleryadded.*Since kundan jewellerythis kundan jewelleryis kundan jewellery100% kundan jewelleryHandmade kundan jewelleryjewelry. kundan jewellerySo kundan jewelleryColor, kundan jewelleryshades, kundan jewellerytexture kundan jewellerydisplayed kundan jewellerymay kundan jewelleryslightly kundan jewelleryvary kundan jewelleryfrom kundan jewellerythe kundan jewelleryactual kundan jewelleryproduct kundan jewellerydue kundan jewelleryto kundan jewellerydigital kundan jewelleryimage kundan jewellerylimitations. kundan jewelleryWe kundan jewelleryrequest kundan jewelleryyou kundan jewelleryto kundan jewelleryconsider kundan jewellerythese kundan jewelleryminor kundan jewelleryvariations. kundan jewelleryPlease kundan jewelleryexpect kundan jewellerythe kundan jewellerypossibility kundan jewelleryof kundan jewellerysome kundan jewelleryslight kundan jewelleryimperfections kundan jewellerywhen kundan jewellerybuying kundan jewelleryhand kundan jewellerymade kundan jewelleryjewelry. kundan jewelleryIf kundan jewelleryyou kundan jewelleryhave kundan jewelleryany kundan jewelleryquestions, kundan jewelleryplease kundan jewellerymessage kundan jewelleryor kundan jewelleryemail kundan jewelleryus.

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