Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

signed vintage JJ frog pin - ribbit babyanthropomorphic frog, casual vacation cool guyanthropomorphic frog, large pewter Jonette brooch



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Vintage signed vintageJJ signed vintageJonette signed vintagefrog signed vintagepin signed vintagewith signed vintagedangling signed vintagewords. signed vintageMeasures signed vintagejust signed vintageover signed vintage3" signed vintagewide signed vintagex signed vintage1.5" signed vintagetall. signed vintageExcellent signed vintagecondition, signed vintageno signed vintageflaws. signed vintageA signed vintagehard signed vintageto signed vintagefind signed vintageJJ signed vintagepin.Ships signed vintagein signed vintagea signed vintagegift signed vintagebox.I signed vintagecombine signed vintageshipping signed vintageon signed vintagemultiple signed

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