Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage King Tut pin brooch or necklace pendantmixed metals, Reed & Barton Damascene Egyptian Pharaoh pin



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Vintage necklace pendantKing necklace pendantTut necklace pendantpin necklace pendantbrooch, necklace pendantsigned necklace pendantReed necklace pendant& necklace pendantBarton necklace pendantDamascene. necklace pendantThe necklace pendantEgyptian necklace pendantPharaoh necklace pendanthas necklace pendanta necklace pendantloop necklace pendanton necklace pendantthe necklace pendantback necklace pendantso necklace pendantit necklace pendantcan necklace pendantalso necklace pendantbe necklace pendantstrung necklace pendanton necklace pendanta necklace pendantchain. necklace pendantExcellent necklace pendantcondition necklace pendantbut necklace pendantthere necklace pendantis necklace pendanta necklace pendantsmall necklace pendantscuff necklace pendantat necklace pendantthe necklace pendanttop. necklace pendantMeasures necklace pendantjust necklace pendantover necklace pendant1.5" necklace pendanttall necklace pendantand necklace pendant1.25" necklace pendantwide.Ships necklace pendantin necklace pendanta necklace pendantgift necklace pendantbox. necklace

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