Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pink and black agate druzy focal beadbeading, agate pendantbeading, agatebeading, healing stonebeading, chakrabeading, wire wrappingbeading, beadingbeading, bead embroidery P5



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This focal beadis focal beada focal beadvery focal beadnice focal beadagate focal beaddruzy focal beadflat focal beadback focal beadpendant. focal bead focal beadPink focal beadand focal beadblack focal beadagate focal beaddruzy focal beadfocal focal beadbead, focal beadagate focal beadpendant, focal beadagate, focal beadhealing focal beadstone, focal beadchakra, focal bead focal beadwire focal beadwrapping, focal beadbeading, focal beadbead focal beadembroidery. focal bead focal beadUSA focal beadshop focal beadin focal beadTennesseeMeasures focal bead35 focal beadx focal bead50mm

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