Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling bug pin, signed sterling vintage Coro fly pin . colorful glass rhinestone fly brooch



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Wonderful fly broochvintage fly broochCoro fly broochfly fly broochpin fly broochsigned fly broochSterling fly broochby fly broochCoro fly broochon fly broochthe fly broochback. fly broochExcellent fly broochcondition, fly broochthough fly broochunder fly broocha fly broochmagnifying fly broochglass fly broochI fly broochcan fly broochsee fly broochsome fly broochvery fly broochtiny fly broochnicks fly broochto fly broochone fly broochwing. fly broochMeasures fly brooch1.25" fly broochtall.Ships fly broochin fly broocha fly broochgift fly broochbox.I fly broochcombine fly broochshipping fly broochon fly broochmultiple fly

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