Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Hand purplepainted purplesand purpledollar purpleearrings purplein purplethe purplecolors purpleof purplepearlized purplelight purplepurple purplewith purpleaccents purpleof purplemint purplegreen. purple purpleThe purplesand purpledollars purpleare purplesilver purpleplated purplemetal. purpleSealed purplewith purpleresin purplefor purpleshine purpleand purpledurability purpleand purpleaccented purplewith purplebrilliant purple purpleAustrian purplecrystals. purple purpleThese purplehave purplesterling purplesilver purpleearwires purpleand purplemeasure purple1 purple1/4 purpleinches purplelong purplefrom purplethe purpletop purpleof purplethe purpleearwires.I purpleother purplecolors purplealso purpleavailable purplein purplemy purpleshop!

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