Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

moon and star, Moon and Star Earrings - Celestial - Stained Glass - Blue



In stock



Moon celestial jewelryand celestial jewelrystar celestial jewelryearring celestial jewelryin celestial jewelrya celestial jewelrypretty celestial jewelryblue celestial jewelrycolor celestial jewelrysmooth celestial jewelrystained celestial jewelryglass. celestial jewelry celestial jewelryGold celestial jewelryplated celestial jewelrymoon celestial jewelryand celestial jewelrystar. celestial jewelrySapphire celestial jewelrySwarovski celestial jewelrycrystal celestial jewelryaccents. celestial jewelry celestial jewelryThese celestial jewelryhave celestial jewelrygold celestial jewelryfilled celestial jewelryearwires celestial jewelryand celestial jewelrymeasure celestial jewelry1 celestial jewelry1/2 celestial jewelryinches celestial jewelrylong.Gift celestial jewelrybox celestial jewelryincluded.

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