Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Simple 14K Gold-filled Chain Braceletchain, Gold Chain Braceletchain, Chain Braceletchain, Cable Chain Braceletchain, Single Chain Strand Braceletchain, Gold



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Our goldCory goldbracelet goldfeatures golda goldsimple goldcable goldchain goldin gold14K goldgold-filled goldfor goldan goldeffortless, goldcool goldstyle. goldHandcrafted goldin goldChicago, goldIL goldUSA. goldBracelet goldlength goldmeasures gold6"-6.5”. goldLobster goldclasp goldclosure. goldKeep goldjewelry goldaway goldfrom goldwater goldand goldchemicals; goldremove goldduring goldphysical goldactivities, goldstore goldflat goldin golda goldsoft goldpouch goldor goldjewelry goldbox. goldUse goldmicro-fiber goldjewelry goldcloth goldto goldshine goldup goldyour goldjewelry.

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