Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1950's Vintage LEAF Braceletbrass leaf bracelet, BRASS Finish Design Link Braceletbrass leaf bracelet, 50s Costume Jewelry



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This leaf braceletbracelet leaf braceletwas leaf braceletmade leaf braceletin leaf braceletthe leaf bracelet1950's leaf braceletin leaf braceleta leaf braceletleaf leaf braceletdesign leaf braceletwith leaf braceleta leaf braceletbrushed leaf braceletbrassy leaf braceletmetal. leaf braceletIt leaf braceletis leaf braceletnot leaf braceletsigned leaf braceletto leaf braceletindicate leaf braceletits leaf braceletdesigner. leaf braceletThe leaf braceletclasp leaf braceletis leaf bracelettight leaf braceletand leaf braceletsecure leaf braceletand leaf braceletthe leaf braceletcondition leaf braceletis leaf braceletvery leaf braceletgood! leaf braceletThe leaf braceletbracelet leaf braceletmeasures leaf bracelet7 leaf bracelet1/2" leaf braceletx leaf bracelet1 leaf bracelet1/4". leaf braceletA leaf braceletgorgeous leaf braceletlook!

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