Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Kambaba Jasper Wire Wrapped Pendantwiccan jewelry, Wire Weaved Stone Jewelrywiccan jewelry, Black Green Stone Healing Crystal Wire Woven Necklacewiccan jewelry, Peace and Tranquility



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"Tranquility" crystal healingFeatures crystal healinga crystal healinglarge crystal healingpolished crystal healingpiece crystal healingof crystal healingkambaba crystal healingjasper crystal healingwrapped crystal healingand crystal healingwoven crystal healingin crystal healingvintage crystal healingbronze crystal healingcolored crystal healingcopper crystal healingcore crystal healingwire crystal healingwith crystal healingobsidian, crystal healingbrass crystal healingbeads, crystal healingand crystal healingcrystal crystal healingaccents. crystal healingKambaba crystal healingjasper crystal healingis crystal healingsaid crystal healingto crystal healingbe crystal healingthe crystal healingstone crystal healingof crystal healingpeace crystal healingand crystal healingtranquility crystal healingand crystal healingto crystal healinghelp crystal healingrestore crystal healingbalance crystal healingbetween crystal healingthe crystal healingbody crystal healingand crystal healingspirit. crystal healingComes crystal healingwith crystal healingeither crystal healingan crystal healing18 crystal healinginch crystal healingor crystal healing24 crystal healinginch crystal healingbrass crystal healingchain.

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