Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pure michigan, Forged bronze leaf pendant on an 18 inch chain



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These chestnut leafleaves chestnut leafbegin chestnut leafwith chestnut leafa chestnut leafflat chestnut leafsheet chestnut leafof chestnut leafcopper chestnut leafcut chestnut leafin chestnut leafthe chestnut leafshape chestnut leafof chestnut leafa chestnut leafleaf chestnut leafand chestnut leafstem. chestnut leaf chestnut leafI chestnut leafthen chestnut leaftexture chestnut leafand chestnut leafforge chestnut leafthem chestnut leafinto chestnut leafa chestnut leafflowing chestnut leafivy chestnut leafleaf chestnut leafform chestnut leafwith chestnut leafthe chestnut leafstem chestnut leaftwisting chestnut leafinto chestnut leafa chestnut leafloop. chestnut leaf chestnut leafThis chestnut leafparticular chestnut leafleaf chestnut leafmeasures chestnut leaf1.5 chestnut leafinches chestnut leaflong chestnut leafand chestnut leafhangs chestnut leaffrom chestnut leafan chestnut leaf18 chestnut leafinch chestnut leafchain.

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