Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ogham pendantceltic jewelry, up to four names engraved in Celtic ogham script



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This oghamsilver oghampendant oghamis oghamfour-sided, oghamand oghamcan oghambe oghamengraved oghamon oghamup oghamto oghamall oghamsides oghamwith oghamup oghamto oghamfour oghamdifferent oghamnames oghamwritten oghamin oghamogham oghamscript, oghamthe oghamalphabet oghamused oghamby oghamancient oghamCeltic oghamDruids. ogham(For oghama ogham"flat" oghampendant oghamthat oghamcan oghambe oghamengraved oghamwith oghamjust oghamname, oghamplease oghamsee oghamthe oghamlistings oghamfor oghamthe oghamnarrow oghampendent: oghamhttps://www./listing/499566459/personalized-ogham-pendant-narrow, oghamand oghamwide oghampendant: oghamhttps://www./listing/760179721/personalized-ogham-pendant-wide-version)The oghampendant oghamin oghamthe oghamphoto oghamis oghamengraved oghamwith oghamthe oghamIrish oghamwords oghamfor ogham"love", ogham"health", oghamand ogham"wealth". oghamYour oghampendant oghamcan oghamhave oghamthose oghamwords oghamas oghamwell, oghamor oghamany oghamnames ogham(up oghamto oghamfour) oghamthat oghamyou oghamspecify. oghamThis oghamwould oghambe oghama oghamgreat oghamgift oghamfor oghamparents oghamor oghamgrandparents, oghamwith oghamnames oghamof oghamthe oghamchildren oghamor oghamgrandchildren.Ogham oghamscript oghamis oghamread oghamfrom oghambottom oghamto oghamtop, oghamand oghamcan oghamalso oghambe oghamread oghamfrom oghamright oghamto oghamleft. oghamPlease oghamread oghammore oghamabout oghamthe oghamhistory oghamof oghamdruids oghamand oghamogham oghamscript oghamon oghamthe oghamdescription oghamin oghamthe oghamshop oghamhome oghampage.This oghampendant oghamis oghamnickel-free, oghamand oghamis oghamhand-engraved oghamby oghamme.Names oghamare oghamtransliterated oghaminto oghamogham oghamscript oghamby oghamme. oghamOgham oghamscript oghamdoes oghamnot oghamhave oghamall oghamthe oghamsame oghamletters oghamas oghamthe oghamLatin oghamalphabet, oghamit oghamis oghammissing oghamsome oghamletters oghamsuch oghamas ogham'j', ogham'w', oghamand ogham'x'. oghamMy oghamguiding oghamprinciple oghamin oghamtransliteration oghamis oghamto oghamwrite oghamyour oghamname oghamsuch oghamthat oghamwhat oghamwould oghamhave oghambeen oghampronounced oghamby oghama oghamdruid oghamreading oghamwhat oghamI oghamhave oghamwritten oghamout oghamloud oghamwould oghamsound oghamas oghamclose oghamas oghampossible oghamto oghamyour oghamname. oghamIf oghamyou oghamhave oghamany oghamquestions oghamabout oghamhow oghamI oghamwould oghamtransliterate oghamyour oghamname, oghamplease oghamfeel oghamfree oghamto oghamask. oghamPlease oghaminclude oghamthe oghamname(s) oghamthat oghamyou oghamwould oghamlike oghamto oghambe oghamengraved oghamin oghamthe oghamNotes oghamsection oghamon oghamyour oghamorder. oghamIf oghamyou oghamforget, oghamI oghamwill oghamwrite oghamyou oghamto oghamask!

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