Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

18x25 bronze bezelnecklace charm, 10 oval pendant traysnecklace charm, vintage style jewelrynecklace charm, necklace charmnecklace charm, 25 x 18 mm charm settingnecklace charm, pendant blanknecklace charm, jewelry blank



In stock



I jewelryhave jewelrynew jewelrybezels jewelryin jewelrymy jewelryshop jewelrynow. jewelry jewelryThese jewelryhave jewelryan jewelry18x25 jewelryopening jewelryand jewelryare jewelryvery jewelrynice jewelrybronze jewelrybezels. jewelry jewelryYou jewelrywill jewelryreceive jewelry10 jewelryoval jewelrypendant jewelrytrays, jewelryvintage jewelrystyle jewelryjewelry, jewelrynecklace jewelrycharm, jewelry25 jewelryx jewelry18 jewelrymm jewelrycharm jewelrysetting, jewelrypendant jewelryblank, jewelryjewelry jewelryblankMade jewelryof jewelrymetal jewelryalloy jewelrythat jewelryis jewelrylead jewelryfree jewelryand jewelrynickel jewelryfree.

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