Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ANGEL WINGS with Celtic Knotwork -- Pendant / necklace / charm --- About 1 1/4" long -- Lead and Nickle Free --- (comjewelry, #pend0008)



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- wingsITEM: wingsOne wings(1) wingsANGEL wingsWINGS wingsPendant wings(#pend0008)- wingsCONDITION: wingsnew- wingsSIZE: wings wingsAbout wings1 wings1/4" wingslong wings- wingsNot wingsincluding wingsthe wingsbail.Nice wingsZINC wingsbased wingsANGEL wingsWINGS wingspendant wingswith wingsCELTIC wingsKNOTWORK. wings wingsLead wingsand wingsNickle wingsfree.Single wingssided.These wingswork wingsgreat wingsas wingsindividual wingsnecklaces wings(does wingsnot wingscome wingswith wingschain, wingsdoes wingsnot wingscome wingswith wingsa wingsjump wingsring), wingsor wingsincorporated wingsinto wingsyour wingshandmade wingsjewelry wingsproject.NOTE: wings wingsThese wingsare wingsNOT wingshandmade wingsby wingsus. wings wingsThis wingswas wingsmade wingsby wingsa wingssecondary wingsparty.===================================ABOUT wingsOUR wingsJEWELRYMost wingsof wingsthe wingsjewelry wingswe wingssell wingsis wingshandmade wingsby wingsEclipse wingsGemstones. wings wingsWe wingsonly wingsuse wingsnatural wingsgemstones wingsin wingsour wingsjewelry wingsbecause wingswe wingsbelieve wingsnature wingsprovides wingsall wingsof wingsthe wingsmagic wingsand wingsbeauty wingsto wingsour wingsjewelry wingspieces. wings wings wingsIf wingsanything wingsother wingsthen wingsa wingsnatural wingsgemstone wingsis wingsused, wingswhich wingsis wingsvery wingsrare, wingsit wingswill wingsbe wingsclearly wingsnoted wingsin wingsour wingslistings. wings wings wingsFrom wingstime wingsto wingstime wingswe wingswill wingssell wingsjewelry wingsmade wingsby wingsa wingssecondary wingsparty. wings wingsThese wingswere wingsnot wingshandmade wingsby wingsus.SAVE wingsMONEY:Save wingsmoney wingsby wingspurchasing wingsgemstones wingsin wings3 wingspacks, wings10 wingspack, wingsand wings1 wingspound wingsquantities wings! wings wingsWe wingsalso wingsoffer wingscombined wingsshipping wingsrates. wings wings wingsPurchase wingsmultiple wingsitems wingsat wingsone wingstime wingsand wingssave wings!!!STOCK wingsPHOTO: wingsThe wingsUS wingsQuarter wings($0.25) wingsin wingsthe wingsphoto wingsis wingsonly wingsto wingsshow wingsthe wingssize wingsof wingsthe wingsstones wingsand wingsdoes wingsnot wingscome wingswith wingsyour wingsorder. wings wingsThe wingsphoto wingsabove wingsis wingsa wingsgeneral wingsrepresentation wingsof wingsstyle wingsof wingsgemstones wingsyou wingswill wingsreceive. wings wingsThe wingsshapes wingsand wingscolors wingsyou wingsreceive wingsmay wingsbe wingsslightly wingsdifferent wingsin wingsaddition wingsto wingsa wingsslightly wingsdifferent wingscolor wingspouch.A wingsLittle wingsAbout wingsUs wingsand wingsThis wingsListing:** wings wingsGemstone wingsproperties wingsand wingsuses wingslisted wingsabove wingsand wingsNOT wingsguaranteed. wings wingsThe wingsuses wingsfor wingsgemstones wingsvary wingsfrom wingsdecorative wingsuses wingsthrough wingscrystal wingshealing wingsand wingschakra wingswork. wings wingsWhile wingshealers wingsand wingsthose wingsof wingscertain wingsspiritualists wingsbelieve wingsgemstones wingshold wingsa wingspower, wingswe wingscannot wingsguarantee wingssuccess, wingsthe wingspowers wingsof, wingsor wingsthe wings"uses" wingsof wingsgemstones wingsin wingsrelation wingsto wingsanything wingsother wingsthen wingsdecorative wingsuses. wings wings** wings wingsWe wingsoffer wingsCOMBINED wingsSHIPPING wingsrates wingson wingsall wingsitems wingswe wingssell. wings wingsThe wingseBay wingssystem wingsshould wingsgive wingsyou wingsa wingscombined wingsshipping wingsquote wings... wingsif wingsit wingsdoes wingsnot, wingsplease wingsmessage wingsme. wings wingsI wingscan wingslet wingsyou wingsknow wingsshipping wingscosts wingsbefore wingsyou wingspurchase. wings** wings wingsWe wingsship wingswithin wings24 wingsto wings48 wingshours wingsof wingsreceipt wingsof wingsyour wingspayment. wings** wingsReturns wingsARE wingsaccepted. wings wingsPlease wingscontact wingsus wingswithin wings7 wingsdays. wings wingsWe wingswill wingsdo wingseverything wingspossible wingsto wingscorrect wingsany wingsproblems wingsor wingsrefund wingsthe wingspurchase wingsprice wingsless wingsshipping. wings** wingsWe wingshave wingsbeen wingsselling wingsonline wingssince wings1995 wingsthrough wingsvarious wingsvenues wingsand wingshave wingsrun wings3 wingsdifferent wingsbusinesses. wingsWe wingshave wingsalways wingsfocused wingson wingsquality wingsproducts wingsand wingsexcellent wingscustomer wingsservice.

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