Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ear, Lilypad Single Flare 00g gauged ear plugs earrings for stretched piercings Made to Order



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Have body jewelrytrouble body jewelryfinding body jewelrythe body jewelryperfect body jewelrygauged body jewelryearrings body jewelryfor body jewelryyour body jewelrystretched body jewelrypiercings? body jewelryWell body jewelrylook body jewelryno body jewelryfurther! body jewelryWe've body jewelrygotchya body jewelrycovered body jewelry;-)\r body jewelry\r*~ body jewelryNote: body jewelryAll body jewelryglass body jewelryjewelry body jewelrysold body jewelryby body jewelrythe body jewelrypair! body jewelryAll body jewelrysingle-flare body jewelryplugs body jewelrycome body jewelrywith body jewelryO-rings! body jewelry~*\r\rThese body jewelrysingle-flare body jewelryglass body jewelryplugs body jewelryare body jewelryclear body jewelrywith body jewelrylight body jewelrygreen body jewelryheads. body jewelryThey body jewelryare body jewelrya body jewelry00g body jewelry(9.8 body jewelrymm) body jewelryand body jewelryabout body jewelry0.9" body jewelry(2.2 body jewelrycm) body jewelrylong.\r\rPlease body jewelrynote! body jewelryThese body jewelryare body jewelrya body jewelrymade body jewelryto body jewelryorder body jewelryitem body jewelryso body jewelrythe body jewelryones body jewelryyou body jewelryreceive body jewelrymay body jewelryvary body jewelryslightly body jewelryfrom body jewelrywhat body jewelryyou body jewelrysee body jewelryhere. body jewelryBut body jewelrythe body jewelryones body jewelryyou body jewelryreceive body jewelrywill body jewelrylook body jewelrypretty body jewelrymuch body jewelryexactly body jewelrythe body jewelrysame body jewelryas body jewelrythe body jewelryones body jewelryin body jewelrythe body jewelrypic. body jewelryYou body jewelryprobably body jewelrywon't body jewelryeven body jewelrybe body jewelryable body jewelryto body jewelrytell body jewelrythe body jewelrydifference!\r\rAs body jewelrywith body jewelryall body jewelryhand-blown body jewelryglass, body jewelrythe body jewelrysizing body jewelryis body jewelryapproximate body jewelryand body jewelryvaries body jewelryslightly body jewelryfrom body jewelryitem body jewelryto body jewelryitem. body jewelryThat body jewelrysaid, body jewelrythe body jewelrypieces body jewelryyou body jewelrysee body jewelrylisted body jewelryhere body jewelryare body jewelryselected body jewelryfor body jewelrythe body jewelrymatch body jewelrybetween body jewelrythe body jewelryleft body jewelryand body jewelryright body jewelrypiercings body jewelryand body jewelrytheir body jewelrynearness body jewelryto body jewelrystandard body jewelrysizes.

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