Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

basset hound, Basset Hound Green Yellow Orange Glass Necklace



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This yellownecklace yellowfeatures yellowa yellowstanding yellowon yellowa yellowfused yellowglass yellowpendant. yellowThe yellowpendant yellowis yellowkiln yellowformed yellowand yellowa yellowbasset yellowhound yellowdesign yellowhas yellowbeen yellowpermanently yellowkiln yellowfired yellowon yellowto yellowthe yellowglass.\r\rThis yellowlarger yellowpendant yellowmeasures yellowapproximately yellow1 yellow1/2 yellowinches yellowwide yellowby yellow1 yellow5/8 yellowinches yellowhigh. yellowA yellowsterling yellowsilver yellowplated yellowbail yellowis yellowepoxyed yellowto yellowthe yellowback, yellowallowing yellowit yellowto yellowhang yellowfrom yellowan yellow18 yellowinch, yellow2mm yellowblack yellowleather yellowcord yellownecklace. yellow(Ask yellowabout yellowthe yellowavailability yellowof yellow2mm yellowfaux yellowrubber, yellowfaux yellowsuede yellowribbon yellowinstead yellowof yellowthe yellowleather yellowcord yellowand yellowcustom yellownecklace yellowlengths.)\r\rMy yellowjewelry yellowis yellowpresented yellowin yellowa yellowzip yellowtop yellowbag, yellowmounted yellowon yellowa yellowdisplay yellowcard.\r\rShipping yellowis yellow$2.50 yellowfirst yellowclass yellowmail yellowwithin yellowthe yellowUnited yellowStates. yellowI yellowhope yelloweveryone yellowwill yellowbe yellowhappy yellowwith yellowmy yellowhandcrafted yellowitems. yellowIf yellowyou yelloware yellowdisappointed yellowwith yellowsomething yellowpurchased yellowfrom yellowme, yellowyou yelloware yellowwelcome yellowto yellowcontact yellowme yellowor yellowreturn yellowit yellowwithin yellow2 yellowweeks, yellowand yellowI yellowwill yellowrefund yellowall yellowmonies yellowEXCLUDING yellowthe yellowcost yellowof yellowshipping.

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