Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bracelets, 2019 Cuff Bracelet



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"2019" 2019cuff 2019bracelet 2019is 2019crafted 2019from 2019a 2019palette 2019of 2019dozens 2019of 2019colors 2019of 2019polymer 2019clay, 2019blended 2019and 2019layered 2019for 2019dimensionality 2019and 2019contrastEach 2019piece 2019is 2019given 2019a 2019distinctive 2019name, 2019and 2019this 2019is 2019to 2019ring 2019in 2019the 20192019 2019New 2019Year!Dimensions: 2019Red, 2019purple 2019and 2019gold 2019colored 2019mixture 2019of 2019polymer 2019clay 2019numbers 2019on 2019black 2019polymer 2019clay 2019band, 2019affixed 2019to 20193/4 2019" 2019wide 2019metal 2019cuff 2019band 2019(2.5" 2019inside 2019width)

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