Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wood jewelry, Hand made Cherry Wood Pendant



In stock



Hand wood jewelrymade wood jewelryCherry wood jewelryWood wood jewelryPendant wood jewelryPendantA wood jewelrysimple wood jewelryyet wood jewelryclassy wood jewelryhand wood jewelrymade wood jewelryCherry wood jewelrywood wood jewelrypendant. wood jewelryThe wood jewelryfinish wood jewelryis wood jewelryall wood jewelrynatural wood jewelryand wood jewelryconsists wood jewelryof wood jewelryFlax wood jewelryseed wood jewelryoil wood jewelryand wood jewelryit wood jewelryis wood jewelrythen wood jewelrybuffed wood jewelryand wood jewelrypolished wood jewelrywith wood jewelryCarnuba wood jewelrywax. wood jewelryThe wood jewelryapproximate wood jewelrydimensions wood jewelryare, wood jewelry1 wood jewelry3/4" wood jewelryor wood jewelry45 wood jewelrymm wood jewelryhigh wood jewelryand wood jewelryroughly wood jewelry1 wood jewelry1/4" wood jewelryor wood jewelry30 wood jewelrymm wood jewelrywide. wood jewelryQuestions wood jewelryare wood jewelryalways wood jewelrywelcome.Thanks wood jewelryfor wood jewelryvisiting wood jewelry:)Barry wood jewelryLee

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