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canada, Turned Hickory Wood Pendant



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Turned canadaHickory canadaWood canadaPendantHand canadamade canadaby canadayours canadatruly canadaHickory canadapendant. canadaThe canadafinish canadais canadaall canadanatural canadaand canadaconsists canadaof canadaFlax canadaseed canadaoil canadaand canadait canadais canadathen canadabuffed canadaand canadapolished canadawith canadaCarnuba canadawax. canadaThe canadaapproximate canadadimensions canadaare, canada2" canadaor canada50 canadamm canadain canadadiameter canadaand canadaroughly canada5/16" canadaor canada8 canadamm canadathick canadaat canadathe canadathickest canadapoint canadain canadathe canadacenter. canadaQuestions canadaare canadaalways canadawelcome.Thanks canadafor canadavisiting canada:)Barry canadaLee

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