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functional jewelry, Knife Silver And Amber



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KNIFE amberFOR amberPAPER amber- ambersilver amberpr. amber875 amberof amberthe amberamber ambershade amberof ambercognac amberin ambera amberwooden ambertray amberstrapped amberwith amberleather amberstraps amberis amberan amberelegant ambergift amberfor amberthe amberpresident, amberdirector, amberboss, amberboss amberand amberfor amberall amberlovers amberof amberexclusive amberitems amberof amberdaily amberuse.Production amberof amberunique, amberhandmade amberand amberdesign. amberDimensions amberAmber amberis amber30/16 ambermm, amberoverall amberdimension amber142 ambermm amberblade, amberblade ambersize amberof amber74 ambermm amberlength, amber11 ambermm amberwidth, amberweight amber24.8 amberg. amberThe amberproduct amberis amberunique, ambercommer- ambermade amberand amberdesign.We ambertake ambera amberlook amberat amberthe amberother amberproducts amberon amberthe amber

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